You are required to outline and demonstrate your ability to assist a client with eating and drinking.


Introduction and Aims: (5 marks) 

· Title of Skill 

· Advance preparation 

– Preparation of area, what equipment is needed? (1 Mark) 

– Health and safety precautions taken? (1 Mark) 

· Identify the needs of the Client. 

– What are the specific needs of the client? (1 Mark)

– What information do you need and where do you look for that information? (1 Marks) 

– How do you prepare the client for the specific task (consent, explanation of task etc.) (1 Mark)

Implementation (6 marks) 

· How did you assist the client while completing this skill (step by step of what you did) (2 Marks) 

· How did you promote independence and dignity while carrying out the skill? (2 Marks)

 · How did you show effective communication with the client and other members of the team? (2 Marks)


Conclusion & Evaluation (6 marks) 

· How did you promote positive attitudes in relation to care of the older person in the home or in a residential facility? (2 Marks) 

· Outline 2 recommendations how you can improve quality of the service provision in relation to the skills you demonstrated. (2 Marks) 

· Brief evaluation of your performance during the skill (how would you rate your performance, what would you do better next time and what did you learn? (2 Marks)

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