Andres Resendez, A Land So Strange: The Epic Joureny of Cabeza de Vaca; ISBN: 978-0465-06841-8 (BOOK)

Think about the reading and then write and submit two to three full paragraphs in which you touch on some of Resendez’s key points in these chapters only and reflect upon them.

Your response should not be just a summary but instead must also a reflection on the readings, which may include some analysis about the reading itself, connections to the Taylor book or other assigned documents/discussions in class

Be sure to discuss both chapters assigned if more than one is assigned. Be sure that you are only addressing these chapters and not other chapters since you will be writing separate reflections on assigned sections.

Avoid looking at or using other online readings/summaries about the book. I want to know what you think, not what someone else thinks. It is only a wrong answer if you take it from someone else or write about something not in the assigned reading for today.

Please be aware that this assignment will be run through the anti-plagiarism software so don’t risk getting a zero by reading online sources and repeating what they said.