– Business, Government and Ethics/2022 –

Each student will write a term paper on a topic of his/her choice within the area of Business, Government and Ethics. These are to be original essays based on a contemporary and controversial business issue (e.g. affirmative action, sexual harassment, drug testing, pollution control, etc.) which the student is interested in and which will motivate you to spend a considerable amount of time in research and writing. The papers should present BOTH sides of the issue, analyze the costs and benefits of each alternative solution, and the conclusion must have your personal opinion as to what the best solution is, and why.  


This is basically a research paper, but must contain your own opinions based on your readings and experiences. Make the paper at least 10 pages long, double-spaced, plus bibliography and title page. The report is worth 200 points toward your final grade. Submit the paper to canvas, with no more than 30% of the content as quoted material. Reports will be screened for plagiarism by SUU’s Unicheck system.