– Culture and Health Lesson/answers –

You are working the night shift in a labor and delivery unit of a large hospital. Gianna, a 27 year old White woman from a large Italian family comes into your unit and is in full labor. She is accompanied by her husband, mother, father, and two sisters. At that same time, a Muslim immigrant also arrives at the hospital, in full labor, with only her husband. The mother speaks only broken English and the Father translates much of what is being said. You are the nurse to both women (keeping in mind your own gender), and because it is in the middle of the night, the delivering doctor is not their primary obstetrician.


Question 1: Apply Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Assessment Model, analyzing at least 3 cultural phenomena to assess Gianna’s potential needs for culture-specific care. Where information is lacking, provide a sample question you might use to conduct your assessment, and describe the response you would expect if she is heritage consistent.


Question 2: Describe the interpersonal strategies you would use to cultivate a healing relationship with Aisha and her husband based on your transcultural assessment and also what you have learned in this lesson.