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Did Robert Kardashian really believe OJ Simpson was innocent?

Research Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

Compiling an annotated bibliography is good preparation for the research process. It forces you to compile a number of sources before you even begin to think of composing a researched argument essay based on them, and also asks that you summarize and evaluate these sources to decide how they might be useful to you in your writing project.

For your research project, and this annotated bibliography specifically, you will be researching a scam, con job, heist, or other crime from the past. You will want to consult reputable sources from as wide a variety of media as possible – this could include newspaper or magazine articles, books, etc. 

You must have four sources in your bibliography, including at least one audio-visual source (think news broadcasts, episodes of 20/20 or some other news program, many of which will be on YouTube) and one periodical that you find through ProQuest Newspapers or another of the library’s newspaper databases. 

The newspaper article should be as contemporary to the crime as possible (by which I mean: reported as it’s happening, or soon after – not a newspaper article written 20 years later for an anniversary or something). The variety of sources will factor into your grade.

Writing Task: Write an annotation for four sources for your research paper, summarizing the central theme and scope of the text you’re considering. Your annotation for each source should accomplish the following:

1. briefly summarize the source and where you found it

2. evaluate the authority or background of the author and the source’s relevance and/or bias

3. identify the intended audience of the work

4. compare or contrast this work with another you have cited

5. reflect on how this work illuminates your research topic, how it may shape your explanation or argument, or otherwise be used in your research project