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Submit Assignment Part 1 as a two-page double spaced, Word document with at least three citations in APA format.

Submit Assignment 2 Part 2 as Word document that is not to exceed 10 pages, not including supplemental materials such as a title page or citation page and at least 10 peer reviewed citations in APA format. 

You will be graded for all assignments using the Assignment Rubric. 


Assignment 2 Part 1 (A)

For this assignment you will refer to Theoretical Research in the Handbook of Social Work Research Methods  Download Handbook of Social Work Research Methods.

Define theoretical research.

What is the distinction between basic and applied empirical research?

What is meant by the term theory in this chapter?

What is meant by the four types of theories described on pages 470-471?

What are theories made of?  List these elements and provide an original example of each one.

Describe any two characteristics of a good theory.

Describe any two sources of social work theory.

Distinguish between theoretical exegesis and theoretical criticism.

Write one thoughtful question or comment about this chapter.

Is there any theory relevant to the topic you have been writing out?  Why or why not? 

Locate and provide APA style citations for theories related to your topic. For this assignment you can cite three papers about one theory or three addressing 2-3 different theories. Remember to explain why you think the theory or theories relate to your topic. You could select a theory that is psychosocial in nature, or biological (e.g., the dopamine hypothesis), or even something else. Try and draw upon pertinent theories regardless of the discipline the theory comes from. 


Assignment 2 Part 1 (B)

Draft three thoughtful questions or comments about the article What is the Role of Theory in Research on Social Work Practice? 

Explain the role of formal theory in your own practice. 


Assignment 2 Part 2 

Prepare a draft literature review on the topic of your ACP. 

Below is guidance for you as you write your draft. Remember to revise this draft at least once before submitting to your instructor. 

Often literature reviews make the most sense when organized chronologically, beginning with early work and then progressing to more contemporary resources.  

Empirically-based peer reviewed journal articles will typically form the majority of your citations, but these will not be exclusively the basis of your literature review.

In the beginning of the draft, describe the search process you used to locate the literature you cited.  This should be done in a manner that permits the reader to replicate your search process using the same method and obtain the same results. 

Refer to the multimedia activity, Block it Out, for more details and guidance on how to organize your literature review.

SOWK 9206 – Assignment rubric

SOWK 9206 – Assignment rubric



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