– LGBT Interview 2022 latest answers –

This interview is for my LGBTQ Counseling master level course.

One-on-one 30-minute interviews with someone who is culturally different from the student’s sexual/affectional orientation or gender identity. The first individual interview will require a brief report/critique (2 pages) of the student’s abilities, skills, cultural awareness, and interpersonal dynamics on this experience will be submitted (15%).


Please make create a realistic interview about someone in the LGBTQ population.


Here are the questions that would be used for this interview:

Introduce yourself and explain the nature of the assignment. Explain that this assignment is an

opportunity for you to learn more about someone who is LGB or T and understand their world a bit

better. Assure the person that the recording is just for you to listen to and then it will be destroyed.

Their confidentiality will be maintained. Let them know that they can share whatever they like and it will

be confidential between you two and they only need to share or discuss what they are comfortable

sharing with you. They don’t have to discuss anything or answer anything they are not comfortable

discussing. Thank them for taking the time to talk with you.

Possible Questions for Interview:


Tell me about yourself.


Tell me about your family.


When did you first start to realize you were different? or gay?


What was growing up like for you?


When did you come out?


What was that experience like?


Who was supportive? Who wasn’t?


How “out” are you? Are there some areas of your life where you are not out? What influences your

selective outness?


How has your identity as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person developed and changed over the

years? Friends? Family? Work?


How much does being LGB or T impact your life?


What challenges have you faced for being LGB or T?


What have been the positive aspects of being LGB or T for you?


How do you feel talking about all this with me?


Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?


What was it like to share your life story with me?



My Professors comments regarding interview 1: “I would like to hear more of your critique of your skills as your interviewee shared information. The focus of the assignment is you discussing how you felt and how you responded at different times in the interview. So try to focus more on your critique of yourself in the second interview!”