– solve in requested units/answers –

1. For the arrangement of Figure (a) and Figure (b), electrons in the incident beam in region 1 have energy E = 800 eV and the potential step has a height of U1 = 600 eV. What is the angular wave number in (a) region 1 and (b) region 2? ( solve in 1/m)

2. Consider a potential energy barrier like that of the figure but whose height U0 is 6.0 eV and whose thickness L is 0.58 nm. What is the energy of an incident electron whose transmission coefficient is 0.00078? (solve in eV)

3.Suppose a beam of 4.70 eV protons strikes a potential energy barrier of height 6.80 eV and thickness 0.690 nm, at a rate equivalent to a current of 1120 A. (a) How many years would you have to wait (on average) for one proton to be transmitted through the barrier? (b) How long would you have to wait if the beam consisted of electrons rather than protons?( solve in years)