– The Yellow Paper – analysis essay( 1.5-2 pages of the essay)

The Yellow Paper

MLA format: Use size 12, Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins; double space.

Include a Work Cited page

Analyze how the setting adds meaning, conflict, and relevance to the characters. how and why the setting is significant,the time period, and the conflict within the story.

Create a thesis statement, and back up your claim with support from the text. Specific examples from the story or stories you are analyzing, as well documentation for all text references. Include at least one quotation from the story in each body paragraph of your essay, for a total of 4 quotations from the story.

use at least 4 direct quotes from the text within your paper to prove your point.  Do not use over 2 lines. put these words in quotation marks and cite the page number from which you got the information.