– Weight Discrimination in the Workplace 2022 latest answers –

The purpose of the major assignment is to gain knowledge and understanding about Discrimination in the

Workplace related to an individual’s weight and the impact to individuals and the organization. In your

group role you are mid-level management.

Topic: Weight Discrimination in the Workplace

1. Conduct the research using UHD e-Library on topics related to – Weight Discrimination in the

American Workplace.

2. Prepare a four-page paper in APA format to include references. (See APA format and citation

examples in the Useful Material folder for APA format)

3. What is the Weight Discrimination?

a. Define weight discrimination

b. Define and describe the federal law that governs weight discrimination

c. Are there other laws of protection for weight discrimination?

4. Identify recent legal cases and the outcome related to weight discrimination

a. What were the impact to the employee/families

b. What were the impacts for the organization

c. How media interpret the impact(s)

5. What are your recommendations/thoughts about weight discrimination?

6. Provide references and citations.

Expectation: Do not copy direct information. Research the topic and provide strong, concrete and

sounded validity of the subject.