– What distribution strategy did tesla use to overcome dealership requirements? –

The significance of Teslas accomplishments is transcendental. Tesla has successfully designed and produced a commercially successful electric vehicle without carbon emissions, using many recyclable materials, to solve one of the major sources of greenhouse gases for the world, vehicles. Understanding how this was achieved, in record time, with private banking resources under the capitalist system, by an American company, with American ingenuity, drive and performance, in the private sector, with minimal government support, and built in the US, is critical to understanding our future in solving the other global climate challenges that the US and the world face. Therefore, understanding Tesla through this assignment and the next two is critical to your capstone work for graduation.
For this assignment, read the Case 30 Tesla Motors, Inc. from the textbook. This case was written around 2010, or a little over a decade ago.
From the Case, answer each of the 8 questions below and explain each one briefly and to the point, one or two sentences each at most. Please copy the question and reply to it. 12 pt. font, double spaced paper, include footnotes and references at the bottom. Quotes are encouraged.
what organizational arrangements did Tesla use to launch its start-up?
how did Teslas strategic direction change between 2010 and now?
which major car company has been the most competitive and how do their sales compare?
what has Tesla done about barriers to entry and imitation and what announcement did it make in 2014 about its proprietary technology?
how did Tesla overcome consumer perceptions of electric vehicles?
what marketing strategy did Tesla use to overcome its early lack of resources?
what distribution strategy did Tesla use to overcome dealership requirements?
how is Teslas Human Resources culture the key to its success?