– What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” by Nicholas Carr/answers –

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    1. Nick Bilton explains his argument that technology “[connects] us to people who are not with us, geographically or physically, and make us feel a little less alone in this big confusing world […] in the end, as people use the things we create for harm, there will be a lot more instances when they are used for good” (Bilton). Respond to and critique Bilton’s point of view.
    2. The author, Nicholas Carr, believes that his attention span has decreased, and he attributes this to Internet usage. What do you think of his theory, and what critiques can you offer? How do his assertions compare to your own experience?
    3. Evaluate Carr’s and Bilton’s use of evidence. Who has more credible/convincing research? Explain with specific examples.
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