November 25, 2021


Once you complete the reading, follow the Twitter of a News Site (see links below for examples) for two days, then compose a one page reflection […]
November 24, 2021

Listening Journal

Listen to these 2 music pieces In 400-500 words, answer these questions:     Both of these examples are arias. Pulling from information and knowledge about […]
November 24, 2021

Listening Journal

Listen to 3 music pieces and in 400-500 words, answer these questions:     How do these recordings change your perspective or thinking on what electronic […]
October 23, 2021

Travel Memoir

I want you to specifically focus on me going back to California for summers to visit my Dad in the paper. Below are instructions from the […]
October 13, 2021


This video teases out themes related to the art market, art and crime (on a few different levels), socioeconomic class, and science and technology.  Please post […]
October 5, 2021

Black panther

1) What drew you into the story the most? 2) Is it the responsibility of the rich to help the poor just because they are rich? […]
September 23, 2021


Composers For this project, youll answer ten questions about composers from seven of the periods you studied throughout your course. You will submit one essay that […]
September 23, 2021

Arts of the Ayyubids, Zangids, Crusaders, and Mamluks

Create an essay of 200-300 words in response to the prompt below PROMPT: 1. View the assigned video, Baptistre de Saint Louis Smarthistory, December 15, 2015. […]
September 22, 2021

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please write an informal but vigorous 2-page response that addresses the distinct perspectives of two of the writers attached below. Please note and mention the authors […]