– Art History of Dutch – Take a virtual visit to the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of New York and select one work of art from a period of art history we’ve studied to analyze formally and historically in a short essay (1,000... – Language Preservation – Many language are about to get extinct.  This is especially the case for Native American languages in the United States.  An example for decline of this is decline are Lakota speakers.  The Lakota nation is one of the largest... – Dennis Rader a serial killer – e research paper requires students to select a famous criminal and explain their offending using one (or more) criminological theories.  Criminals can be real or fictional. For example, the essay could explain the offending of Al Capone... – EDITING FOR PLAGIARISM – This re-draft demonstrates that you have made a good effort to add analysis and to put things more in your own words.  However, most of the errors that we talked about before have not been corrected.1) Your original essay was... – discussion post – Please write a 100-word reading response and post it here by Monday at 8 pm. In the post, please share at least one observation and one question from any of the week’s readings or materials.