November 28, 2021

What responsibilities do creators, parental figures, and teachers have to their creations, children, and students in Frankenstein?

Practice answering complex, essential questions about a textExamine these questions through relevant textual evidenceNotice patterns and details in a text and use these to develop an […]
November 27, 2021

Social media pressures individuals’ self image which promotes anxiety and desperation.

Essential Question How do mass media shape how we know ourselves and the world? Assignment Guidelines Write an argumentative essay in which you provide your well-researched, […]
November 25, 2021

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Overview: Use the writing process to write a researched argumentative essay of a minimum of 1200 words to convince readers to accept your point of view […]
November 25, 2021

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Upon finishing these steps, develop goals associated with these priorities as well as associated performance indicators and measures. Describe your rationale for selecting each performance measure […]
October 25, 2021

mask mandates in new york

This paper will require you to perform a cost/ benefit analysis on a particular public policy. You are asked to select a current policy intended to […]
October 13, 2021

Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others

Please make this essay good, It’s for my college applications, something you could talk about are how I’ve been playing soccer for all 4 years of […]
September 24, 2021


In an argumentative essay, state and defend a claim about whether the benefits of progress are worth the costs or the negative side effects that they […]
September 23, 2021

Gatsby Book Review

Select one topic from each area and compose a short essay response. Your answers should have a clear thesis, incorporate specific details or quotations from the […]
September 23, 2021

Gatsby Character Analysis

write a character analysis of a character from The Great Gatsby, including: Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, George Wilson, and Myrtle […]