ENG 200
Research Paper Instructions: How to Put the Whole Thing Together

  • No title page

  • MLA-style heading on top left side of the first page ONLY

  • MLA-style running header with your last name + page number in the top right corner of every

    page (including the first)

  • Title: Please use the professional title you created in your Research Proposal (Title: Subtitle)

  • Remember to stay in 3rd POV for the entire paper (NO: I, me, my, mine, myself, you, your,

    yourself, we, us, our, ourselves…)

  • Please be sure you have reviewed the Using Quotations PPT on Blackboard as it gives explicit

    instructions as to how you should introduce, integrate, and punctuate all quotations.

  • You do NOT need to label sections of your paper with subheadings or section breaks. This should

    look like a normal essay with paragraphs simply transitioning into one another.

  • You will be further developing the sections of your Research Proposal. Your RP is like the

    foundation of your paper, from which you build. Do NOT plan to simply add a few quotations to your RP and call it a research paper.

  • Introductory Section

Use the material from your Research Proposal Introduction section, but now add

source material from the 1 or 2 sources you selected as background information. Be

sure to cite these sources (as quotations or paraphrases)
Remember there is no set length for an introduction in a research paper. It can even

be a full page (or more).
You are welcome to break up the introduction into 2 (or even 3) paragraphs, if you wish;

this is why it is an Introductory Section as opposed to just a paragraph
Quotations and citations can certainly be used in this introduction (no matter what your

high school English teacher said)

work your way up to it, so it fits smoothly into the end of the paragraph  dont just stick

it there randomly.
Please check out the Writing Intros and Conclusions folder in Resources on Blackboard

for help with this section

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 Body Paragraphs
Remember your purpose: Are you trying to persuade the reader to be on a certain side

of a debate? Are you trying to answer a specific research question(s)? Or are you trying

to educate the reader about the importance of certain elements of the topic.
Everyone will have a different number of body paragraphs  there is no set number I am

looking for. It simply depends upon the complexity of your topic and the number of

subtopics you decided upon.
Your body paragraphs will explore your subtopics and the current research that exists

about those subtopics. It should sound like a presentation of facts, ideas, and

information. Remember your purpose! Are you trying to persuade/answer/educate? Stayfocusedonyour3-4subtopics;dontbetemptedtogooffonatangentortryto

cover things not previously discussed in your Research Proposal
Your body paragraphs should be created from the following information:

  •  a combination of your 3 or 4 thesis subtopics + source information you have gathered about them (quotations + citations)

  •  Plus the elements from your research proposal (The Research Question and Focus as well as Past Research and Methodology) with source material to support

 Conclusion Section
This should begin with your restated thesis (your thesis statement, but in slightly

different words)
There is no set length for this, but it is a section not just a single paragraph
Do NOT summarize your paper!!! Do NOT begin with in conclusion!!!
The material in this section should be developed from the following sections of your

research proposal: Future Research and Gaps in Research, Procedures, and

Significance and Relevance
Be sure to use quotations and citations from source material to support your claims PleaserefertotheWritingIntros&ConclusionsfolderonBlackboardforassistance

  • MLA-style Works Cited Page (beginning on a separate page) *You should already have this

  • APA-style References Page (beginning on a separate page) *You should already have this

  • MLA-style Annotated Bibliography (beginning on a separate page) * You should already have this

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