HIV/AIDS awareness workshops

1)    Since your project is about HIV/AIDS ministry In Savannah, Georgia, delve into the history of drug treatment protocols for the drug.
2)    Other diseases that have been subjects of the African American community outreach in the past- like Hepatitis-B and C; or needle exchange programs for drug users.
3)    Inner city vaccination sites during the pandemic – – were they effective?  What pitfalls/mistakes in education did they have that you would want to learn from and avoid as you prepare content for your HIV AIDS awareness workshop?
4-5 sources in each section
Introduction and conclusion in each section
In the conclusion section, comment on literature review using citation (Turabian) and how it relates to or help understand or deepened the HIV/AIDS awareness project.
    Establish a clear main idea from the beginning the paper.
    Organize each section of your paper to follow a clear pattern.
    Make sure each element of your paper is in service of your main idea.
    Organized according 4-4 relevant categories of research HIV/AIDS workshops in the African American Project. It should entail a discussion of relevant research and conclusions related to that subject, while interacting with various sources (approximately 5-7 per category).
    Proposed methodological directions are consistent with scholarly opinion, or if divergent, the weaknesses or inadequacies of previous research is understood
    Contrary or controversial opinions are fairly and objectively considered
    A historical context for the current investigation
    Pattern of inquiry as presented in the literature is related to HIV/AIDS awareness in the black community.