Peregrine Assessment

Peregrine Assessment
Paper details:
The assessment is a multiple-choice question exam administered by Peregrine Academic Services. The topics correspond to the core subjects related to your degree program. Please note that this is a standardized assessment used by many different colleges and universities. As such, you are not expected to know the answer to each question.

Completing the Assessment: the test must be completed within 48 hours of starting and only three access attempts are allowed.

Assessment Test by Peregrine – Registration Instructions:

Visit and enter the password: for assigned writer

• Select ‘Proceed with Registration’.
• Select your program assessment.
• Click Review Your Selection and proceed through the registration steps.
• Complete the registration information and click ‘Review Registration’.
• Review and confirm registration information and click ‘Complete Registration’.
If you are ready to start the exam:
• Click the exam name hyperlink provided on the last registration screen and review the information on the first screen of the exam for accuracy.
• Verify the course name, your name and student ID for accuracy. Then select your degree program, concentration and course name from the drop down list and then select ‘Confirm’.
• Now your assessment is ready. Use the hyperlink to launch the exam.
• When finished, use the ‘Save and Print Completion Certificate’ link and upload your results to your assignment area.
course name: RLMT 500
your name: for assigned writer
When you are finish, please send the certificate to me. let me know if you passed or not