Respond to peers

When identifying some of the common units of analysis in social research it is clear that the most used concept is “individuals”. Individuals are the most common unit of analysis for social research because “scientific findings are most valuable when they apply to all kinds of people”(Babbie, 2019). For example, let’s say MBU decides to do a study on the senior class. They decide they want feedback regarding their personal experience at MBU the last 4 years. Although yes, this is a study regarding a group, it is targeting how each individual’s experience was in the past 4 years. This concept applies to all individuals not just the group, this is why this concept is important. Another common unit of analysis in social research is “groups”. Groups are used in research for many purposes. When we look at a group we are not looking at just the individual we are looking at “a social group”(Babbie, 2019). For example, if I wanted to compare the difference between high school cheerleading and competition cheerleading. This concept targets the group (cheerleading) as a whole so regardless if I am comparing high school cheerleading to competition cheerleading my unit of analysis is cheerleading. This is why the concept of group is important.

Babbie, E. R. (2019). The Basics of Social Research. Cengage Learning.

Peer #2: The objects of study that are within a research project are the units of analysis. “In sociology, the most common units of analysis are individuals, groups, social interactions, organizations and institutions, and social and cultural artifacts. In many cases, a research project can require multiple units of analysis.” (Nicki, Lisa Cole. 03/24/2018. Units of Analysis as Related to Sociology. Para 1). The concept that I think is important is social interactions. I say this because communication is a huge factor in so many things. If we did not have these communications or social interactions then where would we be today with businesses or organizations? Being able to have these social interactions or communication helps a business organization thrive and to continue building. You don’t want things to be broken down, so it is best to have that social interaction or communication going on to figure out issues or even things that are good for a organization. Social interactions are also good for networking and being able to expand things as well. We wouldn’t be able to expand as many things as we can today as we did maybe 30 years ago. Due to all these social interactions, we have been able to improve so many different things throughout the world and we are continuing to add or improve things especially for the healthcare Association. People need to work together to accomplish big things and social interaction, in my opinion, is the best way for it.