This presentation must cover AppArmor and the HTTPS protocol using IIS and Apache.

Conduct your research on AppArmor along with 3 hardening recommendation for your Linux server then configure it in Netlab. Include in your research the command to use on how to check the status of AppArmor that will show number of profiles as you will need this for server check assignment.

Also, conduct research about HTTPS protocol along with the 2 specific applications that we will be using to configure it on our servers. We will be using IIS on our Windows and Apache or Tomcat (your choice) on our Linux. Your research should include at least 3 hardening recommendations for each server.

Please note for all protocols research we conduct in this course hereafter, you may find it helpful to include some research on its insecure counterpart. For example the differences between HTTP vs HTTPS and the different default ports.

Remember this research on these topics are for your presentation (preso), part of your group paper, and to help you configure/harden your Netlab servers. My recommendation is to work on your Netlab servers while also conducting your research. For HTTPS, we do not need a fully functional website so just configure to the point where we can see the default port is showing on zenmap/nmap results.

netLAB link

step 1. after logging in select new lab reservation then select schedule lab for myself

step 2. select CYBR 4220-WO2 FALL 2022

Step 3. select CYBR 4220-vuln Assessment then click access here

step4 click the red line for the next available time then click submit after clicking submit click ok then it should say enter lab

make the sure the research info is in a powerpoint