Week 5 Discussion post BHIS 510

Post your 500-600 word response to the assigned discovery questions (DQ) based on the assigned role to the Group Discussion Board

DQ2 Role Health Care Administration

DQ2 – Evidence-based Practice. Compare and contrast the major arguments regarding clinical decision support in the context of evidence-based practice. Construct and defend how can CDSS support evidence-based practice and support health issues on coordinated care and health care quality for individuals. Use examples based on your assigned role. (WO 3)

Support your responses and opinions with examples and/or references. A quick access sheet with the health organization roles Click for more options .

Discussion will include the following 4 components:

– Add new information or viewpoints

– Provide context by example, inference, explanation, or comparison

– Critically evaluate discussion content

– Challenge, question, or refute discussion content or accepted knowledge