What are important events in your industry’s history?

In this section you should weave a story about your analysis of your industry which should be based on the research you have done about it. Also, any information that comes from an outside source needs to be properly cited in APA format! This necessitates a properly APA formatted References page in your MAP. History:

A. What are important events in your industry’s history?

[My suggestion is you provide a timeline summary of this in your Appendix. Whether you choose to reference this is up to you, but you may want to reference the less commonly known aspects of your Industry.] B. What economic, environmental, legal, political, social and/or technological forces have significantly shaped your industry in the past?

As part of this, you could possibly identify 2-3 major technological discontinuities your industry has faced.

C. What were your industry’s past drivers? Present:

D. What are the present drivers of your industry

? E. What are 3 key things you learn about your industry from using Porter’s Five Forces Strategy framework?

F. Who are the key players in your industry? Future:

G. Which players would you bet on as your industry moves into the future?

H. What do you think some of the future industry drivers of your IA will be?

I. My suggestion is you focus on just one or two of the following: 1) Using Scenario Planning, what are 3 possible future scenarios for your industry?

(I.e. What do you think will come of this industry as it moves into the future?) and/or 2) What do you feel is your industry’s current “evolutionary trajectory”? and/or 3) What are 2-3 of the “Blue Ocean” opportunities for your industry? 4) Do you want to be a part of this industry – is there a place that would align to your goals in the future.