What is the most challenging aspect of programming? How do you keep yourself motivated?

What is the most challenging aspect of programming? How do you keep yourself motivated?
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I am applying for a coding bootcamp and I need help editing my essay below. I want to emphasize that I am a beginner at programming but very willing to learn. I wanted to show that I take the initiative to broaden my skillset to be a better coder. I need help rewording some of my sentences to sound more compelling and also need help with the flow of it.
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One of the most challenging aspects of programming is definitely the learning curve. For someone with an accounting background, I have to completely shift gears and sometimes unlearn my previous ways of thinking. Recently, I started practicing on some multilayer coding challenges in Python. Even though I have reviewed each concept multiple times, utilizing them together while trying to understand the challenge is the most overwhelming part.
For example, I thought I was fluent in concepts like functions, for loops, and lists in Python. When I attempt projects, occasionally I can’t figure out how to design the code. In other words, I am lost on where to even begin. Struggling with the setup of the code is attributed to the lack of experience, which will improve exponentially with Ada Bootcamp and self practice.
What kept me motivated is my desire needing to find the solution to the problems. When I work on puzzles like this, I am obsessed with figuring out the answer. I would use google as a resource to research different codes and what they produce. There is a lot of trial and error going on but at the end, I feel a huge sense of achievement.
When learning challenging concepts in programming, I keep myself on track by taking a step back from my computer. This helped me tremendously because I tend to overthink and feel burned out if I look at a project for too long. I would go on a walk or play with my dog to clear my head and focus on other things. Also if I’m frustrated in my coding, I would reach out to my friends who are programmers for some guidance. It’s just comforting to know that I’m not alone. It’s also always nice to bounce ideas off each other if we are both lost.